Extracting the Essence of Golf

Golf Distillery is committed to producing high quality resources for the golf community.

We believe that:

  • Golf is more than a sport; it’s a lifestyle
  • Its community is unlike that of any other sport
  • Life is too short to remain a bad golfer

We intend on helping:

  • Golfers improve their game
  • Golfers further enjoy time spent with a club in hand
  • Grow the game by helping younger generations take up the game

We aim to do this by:

  • Using technology to assist while being careful not to distract
  • Filling the gaps in what is essentially an oral tradition sport

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Golf Terms

Golf-Terms.com established the foundation for what lay ahead. With its richly illustrated definitions of golf terms the site finally provides a visually helpful and definitive guide to the meaning of the many words and terms used in golf.


Golf Swing Thoughts

Golf-SwingThoughts.com provides golfers with detailed information on a wide selection of swing thoughts. Similarly to swing tips or swing keys, swing thoughts help golfers perform specific actions and movements during the golf swing. In addition to being fully illustrated guidelines regarding what each aims to fix or promote are also provided.


Golf Tweaks

Golf-Tweaks.com seeks to catalog the various tweaks a golfer can make and offer information on their ultimate effects on the golf ball. These adjustments can be made during the setup, while the golfer is addressing the ball but they can also occur during the golf swing proper. Finally modifications to the clubs themselves are presented.  The site is meant to allow golfers to make smarter decisions that are in line with the conditions at hand and the objectives being pursued for each individual shot.


Golf Swing Advice & Swing Tips

Golf-Swing-Advice.com proposes the textbook version of the standard modern golf swing. It features helpful swing advice through comparative information on every step of the swing, from setup & address, the takeaway, the backswing, the top of the swing, the downswing, the impact and finally the follow through. Through the heavy use of detailed illustrations the swing tips are presented in a way that makes it easy to compare the correct position to assume in contrast to the various swing errors that are possible.


Golf Shot Errors – Tips & Fixes

Golf-Shot-Errors.com provides in-depth reviews of the various golf shot errors. Through fully illustrated guides, the shot error and its features are first described in detail. Secondly, the root causes that lead to the errors are explained. Then, specific scenarios that produce the root causes – and the golf shot errors – are provided. Throughout it all, helpful fixes and tips are suggested to help golfers rid their games of the shot errors in question.


Golf Tips

Free-Online-Golf-Tips.com represents a comprehensive guide to golf as taught by PGA professional Pete Style. It features golf tips, 130+ of which are accompanied by easy to follow full video lessons and arranged into the following categories: golf for beginners, golf fundamentals (setup, swing, and swing drills), golf faults (slice, hook, fat, thin/top, shank shots), short game tips (pitching, chipping, bunkers, putting), advanced golf tips (shot shaping – draw and fade, and trouble shots how-to’s) and finally additional tips (course management, mental game, practice tips, fitness and equipment advice).

Golf Tips