The bounce is the angle formed by the line of the sole of the club in relation to the line of the ground. When a club has no bounce the sole lies completely flat against the ground. Conversely, a club with a big bounce will prevent the leading edge from touching the ground, the trailing edge being grounded instead.

Normal Guidelines for Bounce

Guidelines for the bounce angles for wedgesWedges have varying degrees of bounce depending on the type of wedge but also depending on the golfer’s playing preference. A lob wedge will usually have very little bounce whereas a sand wedge will usually have the most. However, some prefer their sand wedge to have more bounce than others, for use in bunkers with very fluffy sand for example.

A pitching wedge will normally have between 2 and 5 degrees of bounce; a gap wedge between 5 and 10; a sand wedge between 10 and 16; and finally a low wedge between 0 and 10.

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