A putter is a type of club a golfer will normally use to finally bring the ball into the cup on every hole. The face of the club is flat (or close to) and it is designed to get the ball rolling forward rather than lift it from the ground and take flight. Traditionally the putter was the shortest club in a golfer’s bag but that has changed since the introduction of the belly putter and the long putter. There are several nicknames to designate the putter, notably the Texas wedge and the flat stick.

Club Used Most Often

The putter is also the club that a golfer will normally use most often during a round. In fact, if a golfer was to shoot par over the length of the round and play according to theory, that golfer would have used his putter on 50% of his shots, i.e., twice per holes x 18 holes = 36 strokes, out of the par-72. This fact helps explain why club manufacturers are able to command relatively high prices for a single club. Indeed, putters from renowned brands – such as Scotty Cameron – sell for several hundreds of dollars in many cases.

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