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Golf Format Explained

A match played in bloodsomes (or gruesomes) will see golfers engage in a competition much like they would in a greensomes. Indeed, golfers will be paired into two teams and all four golfers will hit from any given tee box and will alternate between teammates going forward until their ball is holed out.

Contrary to greensomes though where the best drive is elected as the location for the second shot, it is the opposing team who will decide which ball their opponents will play next. Consequently, golfers will normally play from the drives that are in the worst lies rather than in the best.

How to Play Bloodsomes (Gruesomes)

All four golfers will hit from the first tee box. Teammates from team A will then elect which one of the two balls from team B that team will have to hit next. Likewise, team B will also decide which ball team A will have to hit next. The golfers whose balls are chosen will let their teammates hit the second shot and they will alternate from there until their one ball is holed out. The same process will be followed on each of the holes afterwards.

How to Win

After each hole, the best scores of both teams are compared and the team with the lowest score is said to have won the hole. The same thing occurs for every hole until the match ends. A team is declared the winner when its lead is such that the opposing team can no longer close the gap mathematically.


Much like the name suggests, i.e., gruesomes, this format is rather cruel and mainly serves as to entertain a group of golfers who know each other well and want to add an entertaining twist to a regular foursome game.


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