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How to Hit Any Golf Shot

How to Shape the Ball Flight of your Golf Shots
How to shape the ball flight of your golf shots

Use this section for tips on how to shape the ball flight of your golf shots. Not all shots need to be straight and some situations call for balls to travel lower, to curl from right to left or to curl from left to right.

Tips are provided for how to hit stingers (low shots), as well as instructions on how to draw the ball or fade the ball.

How to Hit from Difficult Lies
Tips on how to hit golf shots from difficult lies in golf

Sure, you’re pretty comfortable hitting from the teeing ground or from the fairway, but what about when the lie of your ball isn’t perfect?

Review our section on difficult lies to learn the different tweaks you’ll need to make to your setup and swing whenever hitting from tricky lies. Rough and tall grass is covered, as well as when the ground is not level, leading to uphill/downhill lies or when the ball is below or above your feet.

How to Hit Golf Shots from Tree TroubleTree trouble golf shots

Use this section for tips on how to escape tree trouble. Indeed, during a round of a golf it is likely that you will find yourself blocked by trees. But don’t let a tree standing in your way limit your options to only chipping out.

Tips are provided for how to hit a punch shot under a tree, draw a punch shot and fade a punch shot into the fairway and towards the green, and finally how to hit a high golf shot over trees.

How to Hit Bunker Shots
Bunker Shot Tips

Review our how-to guides for situations where your golf ball is located inside a sand bunker.

The typical bunker shot is featured, as well as shots from wet or compact sand. Both the plugged and fried-egg lies are covered. Distance control is covered as well and will help you hit short or long bunker shots. Upslope and downslope bunker shots are also covered for those situations when the ball doesn’t roll back down towards the flat section of the bunker. Finally, tips on how to hit fairway bunker shots are also provided.

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