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A keen golfer suffering from the yips will lead a most miserable life for as long as he will remain afflicted by this most terrible of swing “diseases”. Indeed, he will no longer exert full control over his body movements and will instead be relegated to that of a passenger in a train headed towards disaster. And to add to the cruelty he will not know in advance when that train will roll off the track and destroy his round, leaving him in constant fear. Technically and tragically, wrists won’t behave as expected when the yips have taken a hold of your body. They won’t keep the hinge when instructed to at impact and they won’t stay reliably quiet in delicate shots such as chips and putts. Instead they will flick at the worst possible times. This is in contrast to a golfer who is confident in the knowledge that he owns the dominion over his body and ultimately its movements.

Why Having the Yips is a Problem

Suffering from the yips is fatal in a game of golf because it leads to catastrophic shots. It can strike anytime, regardless of the club being used. Indeed, whereas a lengthy distance on the green between the ball and the cup can lead to a 3-putt at worst in most situation, executing a putt with the yips can easily send the ball off the green for any of those 3 putts. It renders the golfer completely helpless and may lead him to adopt the lifestyle of an alcoholic where the fog of liquor will be sought in order to drown out the pain associated with this problem.

How to Fix the Yips

No cure has yet to be found in helping golfers to get rid of the yips. However, those who have successfully gotten rid of it agree on one thing, and that is to never let anyone mention the word “yips” in your vicinity again, for fear that it might creep back into your game.

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