Hold the Swing High at Finish

Also Known As: “Finish High”.

This swing thought encourages you to adopt a “standing tall” position when you finish your swing at the follow through. This is in contrast to finishing low, with your elbows and hands below the level of your shoulders.

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What it promotes

As the name strongly implies this swing key promotes a high finish. And in order to achieve this high finish position, it also promotes a high swing plane, in contrast to a low one.

What it tries to cure

Golfers who struggle with their attempts to rid themselves of a low swing plane should consider adopting this swing tip into their game.

Why it works

By adopting this swing thought before you execute the swing, you are already helping setting yourself up for a high finish position. Instinctively and in order to stand tall at the end of your follow through your muscles should lead you to a rather steep backswing, one that could be characterized as a high swing plane, or at least one that is higher than that of a low plane.

When is it most useful?

Golfers wishing to give this thought a try can do so in most of all circumstances where a full follow through is executed.

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