Keep the Lag

Also Known As: “Don’t release too quickly”.

This swing thought encourages you to try and keep the wrist hinge that you formed at the top of the swing in place for as long as possible as you bring the club down towards impact. This is in contrast to beginning to unhinge your wrists as you bring the club down during the downswing in what is referred to as casting the club.

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What it promotes

This swing key promotes hitting down on the ball, or in other words compressing the ball at impact, or trapping the ball. This is in contrast to seeing the clubface simply colliding with the ball. Keeping the lag at impact also promotes full shot distance and height, fully letting the loft of the club accomplish its designated purpose.

What it tries to cure

Golfers who fail to keep the lag will hit thin shots as a results. Those who notice they are releasing early can also benefit from adopting this swing key.

Why it works

Even if you tried to keep your hands from releasing at impact, the truth is that instinctively your body will not allow for you to miss the ball, for the club to stay above the ball because of the wrist hinge.

Instead, your wrists will release naturally, that is if you were able to maintain the correct hinge position during the downswing.

When is it most useful?

This swing tip should be incorporated into your entire golf game as it is fundamental to a proper swing.

Keep the Lag at Impact – Golf Tips

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