Tree Trouble

How to Hit Golf Shots with Trees in the Way

This section covers the shots that you will need to master if you are trying to limit the damage caused by trees standing in the way between your ball and the intended target.

Indeed, finding yourself hindered by trees is going to happen on the golf course and often enough that will reduce your shot making options. But that doesn’t mean you should chip back into the fairway every time. 

How to Hit a Punch Shot under Trees

Low golf shot under a treeReview our golf tips for what to do when you find yourself with trees in between the ball and the intended target.

Specifically, review our tips on how to keep the ball low so that it doesn’t fly into overhanging branches. You will also learn how not to let branches get in the way of your golf swing.

How to Draw a Punch Shot

Drawing punch golf shot under a treeDrawing a punch shot is useful when you are trying to keep the ball low and want the ball to curve from right to left (for a right handed golfer).

This shot is especially useful when you find yourself into the trees following a wayward golf drive. Indeed, if you hooked the ball from the tee and find yourself blocked by trees you may be able to get the ball back into play and get some distance out of that shot as well.

How to Fade a Punch Shot

Drawing punch golf shot under a treeFading a punch shot is useful when you must keep the ball low – because of overhanging branches – and need the ball to curve from left to right (for a right handed golfer). 

This shot is particularly useful when you find yourself among trees on the right side of the fairway, with no clear path allowing to hit forward. Rather, with this shot you will be able to hit back into play towards the fairway but contrary to chipping back into play this ball will be able to run towards the green as well, thanks to its fading spin.

How to Hit a High Golf Shot Over Trees

High golf shot over a treeFinding yourself in a situation when there is a tall tree in front of you is not always the result of a bad previous shot.

Indeed, some golf courses feature tall trees in the fairway, forcing you to be creative on your way to the green. Use the tips for this shot if you need to hit a high ball over a tree.

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