Don’t Stand Up at Impact

Also Known as: “Keep spine angle constant”.

This swing thought has you focusing on keeping your upper body forward tilt – or spine angle – constant throughout the swing, or at least until after impact. This is in contrast to starting to stand up shortly before impact where the upper body starts to rise and reduce its forward tilt.

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What it promotes

By making sure your spine angle is not allowed to vary during the course of your swing, you are helping to establish a key component associated with good shot making: reliability.

Having a reliable swing will lead to greater shot consistency. While that does not in itself guarantee straight shots, consistency will help you pinpoint key areas to improve on and allow you to focus on those.

What it tries to cure

Golfers who tend to stand up at impact will invariably hit thin shots as a result. Focusing on staying down on the ball will help you in creating divots which are usually absents from shots made where the golfer starts to rise at impact.

Why it works

Your spine angle is first set at address as you prepare to start your swing. It is at address that your club is first positioned on the ground directly behind the ball, a position we’d like it to return later as you come down towards impact.

Keeping that spine angle constant undoubtedly helps in leading the clubhead towards the ground close to where it was set at address, which will lead to purer strikes and less thin shots.

When is it most useful?

This golf tip can be adopted for all golf shots as none require you to change your upper body angle between address and impact.

Don’t Stand Up at Impact – Video Tips

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