Swing Like You’re Holding a Garden Hose

This swing thought instructs you to pretend you are holding a garden hose with your hands instead of a golf club. Through this metaphor you are meant to execute your golf swing as you would if you were to hold such a flexible object in your hands.

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What it promotes

This metaphor promotes a smooth swing, and one that features swing fluidity. But mainly, it forces golfers to execute a slow takeaway.

What it tries to cure

Pretending that you are holding a garden hose will help solve any quick and rushed swing issues that you may have. Particularly, it will help smooth the transition from address – a stationary position – to the takeaway.

Additionally, it will also help smooth out the transition that occurs at the top of the swing, between the backswing and the downswing.

Why it works

If they were to actually try with a real garden hose golfers with sudden or fast takeaways would see it fail to hold its shape right off the gate, ‘breaking’ its shape instead near the hands. The only way through which you could bring the hose up while keeping its long shape would be to do so in a slow and progressive pace.

This swing tip brings into focus the forces in action, and how you are directing the force/weight of the club towards the ball for full impact.

When is it most useful?

Because this metaphor pertains to the takeaway and the transition at the top of the swing (from backswing to downswing) it can be implemented for all types of shots and swings.

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