Tempo, Tempo, Tempo!

This swing thought reminds you to execute your swing using a ‘good’ tempo. This is in contrast to moving from one swing sequence to the next suddenly or abruptly.

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What it promotes

Focusing on a good tempo will promote swing fluidity. Indeed, it should help you move from one swing sequence to the next in a smooth manner. A good tempo also helps promote a progressive swing acceleration.

What it tries to cure

The main problem this swing key seeks to cure is the quick, or otherwise rushed swings that some golfers may suffer from. Performing these will often lead to swing deceleration towards the ball, a damaging swing error.

Why it works

Golf swings produce their best results when they accelerate progressively towards the moment of impact.

Achieving this from the standstill position found at address is easier said than done however. This is why it is not uncommon for golfers to bring the club up too quickly during the backswing, or at least to do so at the wrong pace in contrast to the speed in which the downswing occurs.

Focusing on a good tempo will help golfers view this progressive acceleration as a key swing component, and should help them procure purer strikes at the ball.

When is it most useful?

Hitting the ball using a good tempo is fundamental to the game of golf and should be incorporated into all types of golf shots, from the drive on hole number 1 to the last putt at the end of the round.

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