Should You Hover your Driver at Address?

You might have noticed golfers on TV lifting the driver off the ground just prior to hitting a drive. You might even have members of your own regular foursomes that lift their club up the ground during their normal pre-shot routine with their driver.

Follow the tips below in order to better understand the benefits of hovering your driver at address and why you might want to start doing that yourself.

Helps Prevent Divots with your Driver

A good golf drive should not create a divotOne of the main reasons golfers hover their driver behind the ball at address is to prevent them from creating divots. 

As you know, creating divots whenever hitting a full swing using your irons and wedges is fine and actually encouraged. But when you have a driver in your hands you should not be creating divots when you hit a golf shot.

The swing arc with your driver should be ascending when it strikes the ball. In other words, the lowest point of the swing arc should occur before the strike with the ball. This is in contrast to an iron shot when the club should be descending onto the ball first and then into the ground second, creating a divot in the process.

Hovering the clubhead behind the ball an inch off the ground might just be the cushion needed in order to shield you from hitting the ball too high on your clubface, which can result in skyed shots.

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Relieves Muscle Tension

An additional benefit you might gain if you hover your golf club when you set up to the ball is related to the tension in your arms and hands.

If you have a tendency to press your driver against the ground at address it usually means that your muscles are contracted and in tension. Rather, you should aim to be loose at address, which will promote a freer flowing swing.

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