Move Left Knee Towards Ball

This swing thought has you concentrating on moving the left knee towards the ball during the backswing, or in other words to move it slightly down and to the right.

This assumes the ball is located in the middle of your stance. This is in contrast to seeing the knee cap move aggressively sideways towards your right foot, or straight towards the right knee.

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What it promotes

The act of moving the knee sideways towards the right and down slightly during the backswing will help you shift your weight towards the right leg, a critical component required for a good strike at the ball.

What it tries to cure

Golfers who are afflicted by a reverse pivot will see their weight move towards the front foot during the backswing and towards the back foot during the downswing, exactly the opposite of what is sought.

Why it works

By leading your body weight towards the right foot this swing key is helping make sure your weight doesn’t move towards the front foot or that it doesn’t stay in place, evenly split 50/50 among your feet.

When is it most useful?

This swing tip is applicable to all swings but putting, where knees are meant to be held in place.

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