Cast vs Forged

Golf clubs are generally made using either of two distinct manufacturing processes: casting and forging.

Casting | Cast Clubs

Cast clubs are produced by the casting process, which essentially involves liquid metal being poured into a mold in the shape of the club. After the metal has been allowed to become solid, the mold is broken and the clubhead found within is liberated and ready to be processed further.

Critics of this process will argue that tiny air bubbles will form during the pouring operation and will become forever trapped inside the metal after the metal has solidified.

Forging | Forged Clubs

Forged clubs on the other hand are produced via forging which involves crafting the club from a single piece of solid metal that is heated and hammered into its final shape.

Proponents of this process argue that the ‘grain’ of the metal flows without interruption, which allow for the optimal transmission of feel from the clubhead all the way to the grip and the fingers of the golfer.

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