Pitching Wedge

A type of wedge with a loft of approximately 48°. Classically, the pitching wedge finds itself between a 9-iron and a sand wedge, or between a 9-iron and a gap wedge when a golfer has the latter.

The pitching wedge can be used for many different types of shots. Indeed, a full swing can shoot the ball around 125 yards but a limited swing can produce a pitch and run, a golf shot that seeks to see the ball rolling some distance after landing. Also, it is oftentimes used when just off the green for little chips, when the golfer needs to clear an area through the air before the ball can roll undisturbed on a green.

What degree is a pitching wedge?

A traditional pitching wedge will have a loft of around 48°. While that varies between club manufacturers the pitching wedge will have a loft number that is between that of the 9-iron (44°) and a gap wedge (52°).

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