A type of alteration made to the sole of the club in order to fine tune the bounce of a club. Grinds are often associated with wedges since those are the clubs with the most bounce to work with.

A Child of the Custom Fitting Wave

Customizable grind is one of the more recent option provided to golfers in their quests to play with clubs that are custom fitted to their specific needs.

Club manufacturers are embracing the trend, allowing golfers to choose from any one of several different grind options. Picking one grind over another will allow golfers to play with clubs that are more appropriate for the type of course they play.

For example, a golfer needing a club with high bounce can make alterations to the grind in order to allow the club to perform well even in tight lie conditions. By removing material along the back of the sole, near the trailing edge, the club will not be as prone to catching the ground before the ball is struck as would be the case in a club with high bounce but no grind at all.

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Parts of a golf club

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